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Don’t forget it’s wreathmaking time and we’re in full swing!



We’ll also add links or info of Memorial Celebrations of our members.

Going up: the inaugural ride in our lift was taken by Esther Heath, Frankie Blodgett, Barbara Stimson, and Aggie Andross.  Two, Frankie and Aggie, still enjoy the opportunity . . . Esther has gone on ahead, and now Barbara Stimson.

Memorial Services for Barbara J. Stimson are were held Friday, July 28 at 11:00 a.m.





From our archives/files –
Some lunch bunch photos . . .

We annually make and decorate and sell wreaths!!  A great fundraiser, and “fun” raiser for the many hands that pitch in ~





We also have added a few snapshot memories from our ‘family album’ – and maybe you recognize the folks or events pictured . . . we’ll add and rearrange as time goes on, but enjoy some of these images.  Remember when:  the kitchen was turquoise and the meeting room a fishbowl of blue?  When men made soup, and some fried dough (and, yes, it was heavenly!), and folks ate pie at Lilac time . . . . when youth made a loud and joyful noise . . . . when four grand gals posed in the new lift – before riding it two by two . . . and not so long ago when the kitchen was re-constructed, keeping the arch that you can see in place today!