Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

It’s hard to guess what kind of FAQs are out there, so please contact us with your additional questions….we’ve tried to have a little fun with these, too.

Who is welcome?

Anyone. Everyone.  At least any or every of you who are Christ-followers or God-seekers, who are looking for a church home where you will be warmly welcomed to return as frequently as you are able!  Seekers and sages sit side by side as we share together in the gospel story and our faith heritage, worshiping in prayer, praise, song and sermon.

[There is no known report of the roof falling in on anyone, despite protestations to the contrary — just come on in ~]

Is there a dress code?  Membership requirements?  A password?

People tend to come as they are (‘tho we do have a pajama Sunday in December!) . . . you’re welcome to carry in your travel coffee . . . and membership is available if you are interested.  No password or special handshake – just the right hand of fellowship will welcome you 🙂

Is the church physically accessible?

The white church (where we are based) has a passenger lift to the second floor Sanctuary, plus a ramp to the entry door – located at the left side of the building; and it is the entry we regularly use for Sunday worship.  Restrooms and meeting room are on the first floor, and meet accessibility standards.

Are children welcome?

YES!  And encouraged.  The best way to raise children who can make a decision for spiritual choice later in life are those who have learned some of the traditions in the first place — bring your kids, your neighbor’s kids, your grandkids, nieces, and nephews.  We would love to have them visit regularly!

Do you have a choir? Special Music?

We presently do not have a vocal choir, but if you have a special musical gift we’d love to hear about it!  There is an ecumenical bell choir that uses our very special bell array, and new bell ringers are always welcome to that.  Because our worship is generally blended in ages, we use traditional music accompanied by our organist/pianist . . . and we all love to sing.

Can the meeting rooms be rented?  Can non-Shared Ministry worship be scheduled?

Two different questions.  Yes, we make meeting/kitchen space available for the use of outside groups, fee & proof of insurance needed; scheduled as available, contact the pastor, Rev. Lyn.

And, no, religious services are not scheduled outside of the Shared Ministry’s practice and oversight.  A visiting, ordained minister may be invited to participate or officiate, but non-ordained clergy or non-Christian services will not be permitted.  Please address questions/inquiries to the pastor.