About Us


A Shared Ministry

As one congregation, we represent the combined church membership originally represented by the Lisbon Congregational Church, U.C.C. and the Landaff and Lisbon United Methodist Churches. . . . and much more.  Members and friends represent a diverse variety of traditions, sharing a Trinitarian faith as described by the historic creeds of Christianity as practiced and reformed by historic Protestantism.

We meet most regularly in our “white” church building on Main Street, Lisbon; adding scheduled services at both our brick church in Lisbon and our Landaff center church during the year.

Our Story

Look for us to expand our story as we work with this brand-new site.
Better yet — join us any Sunday at 10:30 a.m. and meet the community!

Our ‘white’ Lisbon church, 49 So. Main St., originally Lisbon United Methodist Church building.  This building is accessible with ramp and lift to the second floor Sanctuary ~




Originally a single story building in the 1840s, it still boasts the original bell cast for the steeple – which can still be rung today, tho’ visiting the steeple/clock tower is left to intrepid maintainers of the 4-faced tower clock.

In the late 1800s, the Sanctuary was raised to its second floor location and meeting rooms added to the new first floor in keeping with the Methodist focus on Sunday schools and class meetings.

Look for a future entry on the history of all our buildings…

A block away, our ‘brick’ Lisbon church, originally Lisbon Congregational Church building, Main St.







Our Landaff center church, originally Landaff United Methodist Church.